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Sameer Khan’s invitation is awaiting your response

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Sameer Khan
Sameer Khan
Semi Audit Senior in F.R.A.N.T.S. & Co. (Possess Transferable Iqama)
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Scientists solve chicken and egg riddle

Researchers found a protein found in chickens speeds up the formation of eggs. So does that mean the chicken came first?
Researchers in Britain have been credited with cracking the age-old conundrum about the chicken and the egg. But are they right?

After the publication of the rather dry-sounding scientific paper, "Structural Control of Crystal Nuclei by an Eggshell Protein," press headlines proclaimed the answer was… the chicken.

However, one of the paper’s lead authors, Colin Freeman, from the University of Sheffield in northern England, told CNN that the result was not as conclusive as it seemed.

"I would argue that the concept of an eggshell came about way before the chicken, it’s dinosaur or even pre-dinosaur thing. That’s something to talk to an evolutionary biologist about probably," he said.

So how did a paper about "crystal nuclei" become proof that the chicken pre-dated the egg?

Freeman and his team, which included colleagues from the University of Warwick, were researching a protein found in eggshells called ovocledidin-17. It is also found in chickens’ ovaries, but until the team’s research its purpose was not clear.

Using Britain’s national supercomputer, a machine dubbed HECToR based in Edinburgh, Scotland, they were able to simulate the process of biomineralization, or the production of minerals or solid materials inside organisms.

It was a world first and revealed that one potential purpose of the protein ovocledidin-17 is to speed up the production of eggshell within the chicken so that in 24 hours an egg is ready to be laid.

"What we have really identified is that the protein seems to accelerate the crystallization process so it can make that eggshell appear far quicker. In simple terms it accelerates calcite formation," Freeman said.

They also found that the egg can’t be produced without the protein ovocledidin-17 in the chickens’ ovaries, so that means that the chicken must have come first. Right?

"Obviously, it’s not really what we were trying to get out of our simulations, but it’s an interesting question isn’t it?" Freeman said.

Rather than putting an end to bickering over the true order of the egg, the researchers were trying to understand more about how shell is formed so that they can apply their findings in other disciplines, including medicine.

"The quote my colleague John Harding always says is, ‘could we ever be as clever as algae?’" Freeman said.

"They produce these wonderful shells that protect them in the North Sea. That crystal structure is far in advance of anything that we as humans can create in the lab," Freeman said, adding, "We can’t make a human skeleton in the lab…"

Perhaps one day they will be able to. And perhaps one day someone will conclusively put an end to the argument — was it the chicken or the egg?

Begnning of the end of Pakistan

After a very long chase of 10 years Americans managed to hit their target with a very dramatic bow.

On may 1, 2011 a successful operation “Jeronimo” was carried out against Osama BinLadin and he was killed by US Navy Seals in Abbottabad. Ok good for Pakistan and America that their common enemy was laid to rest for ever, but the real challenges is yet to come.

Was Pakistan informed of this operation?

Was Pakistan informed of this operation? , How far Pakistan was cooperating with US regarding this operation? Was the Pak Army was literally involved in this operation?

These apparently mind boggling questions that popped out of our mind instantly after the operation are not too difficult to answer if we try not to miss these dots while sketching the big game plan.

For the first time Pakistan foreign office and the White house and the other US army officials all are marking the same line i.e this operation was solely done by US. The reason to this is Obama administration were of grave need of receiving the credit of war on terror to be successful. As they were heavily criticized from their own people about the heavy expenditures made on war on terror and sending their troops to Afghanistan and yet loosing it. So they needed this to make their people look like they have achieved what they were looking for and finally all their efforts were finally paid off.

And the second very best reason required is for elections coming ahead, of course this news will be as their catalyst for winning the next election.

And the third reason is that, greater Americans want to be the part of it, greater we want to be out of it because major population of Pakistan supports Osama BinLadin not Al Qaeda as a whole, because of BinLadin as a heroic face of being involved in “jihad” against Americans and jews so obviously they don’t want their own nation to against be them. So they gave this chance to Americans and feel safe in contributing in intelligence only. (as the survey done by PEW 97% people of Pakistan support Taliban)

Fourth reason is mentioned under “Next step of America”

Where the Pakistan’s local politics trudging towards?

All the local parties including PML (N), PML(Q), MQM, Tehreek e insaaf, APML and all the remaining ones are trying to safe their faces for the next coming elections and trying to gain popularity from public as much as they can. The hilarious part is that even President and Prime Minister are busy in doing so, where unfortunately all the strategic decisions should be taken, but to them I think their strategic decision is to safe their government from falling and trying to safe their 5 year tenure and even trying to get elected afterwards, as the Zardari called his son to run for the next election as he’s trying to wash his dirty face after his own splash in mud. PML(Q) joining with the PPP to get majority as the same step was taken by MQM, Imran khan invites Abdul Qadeer Khan to join his party and many other big names as well, were included hence to gain as much as popularity among people.

Hence all the parties are busy preparing themselves for next coming season of election. And watching the whole game sitting in their drawing room, and ultimately in the end blaming Pak Army for being involve in all this and by creating confusions and conspiracy theories against Pak Army among the public.

Next step of America – 2 down 1 to go.

Americans have bring their war on terror in Fourth and final stage, by diverging the flow of war on terror to outskirts of Pakistan and to it’s centre and then directly to it’s north by delinking it’s way to China, and blocking China’s way to the Red Sea. But to this they might be needing more resources, which they have and by shifting the supply line from Pakistan-Afghanistan to Afghanistan- Pakistan to do that they have to clear their back. And the next thing they’ll need is their people’s support. When the war started they were heavily supported by their people, but in midst of War on Terror era the support start to vanishes as they were loosing their troops and time as well, they spend billions dollars there and didn’t achieved a bit, that’s what was disturbing for the people of America, Now they killed BinLadin their prime target of War on Terror and giving relieve to the family of 9/11 victims hence gaining more support from people. Which might be helpful when entering Pakistan. Now the graph is up again and they are preparing themselves for the next hard target.

Final Showdown

The reason they’ll give for entering Pakistan will be that how come Osama has been caught in Abbottabad a place not more than 100kms away from the Capital and majority of the Al Qaeda leaders had been caught from Pakistan as well. And Pakistan is already threatened by the Al Qaeda by now being the prime and number one on their target list. Hence Pakistan is getting in the hands of Al Qaeda, so it is better to disarm Pakistan from Atomic bomb.

And still our local parties will be enjoying blame game and will be pointing fingers on each other and trying to safe their establishement from falling.

Conclusion – Winding up the greater Game Plan.

Next few months will be very challenging for Pakistani people.

France and Britain and then America will interrogate Pakistan about the presence of BinLadin in Pakistan esp. in the high profile military area which is not more than 100kms away from capital, and majority of the most wanted leaders caught ever were present in Pakistan as well.

Greater amount of bombings will take place all over the country, trying to destabilize Pakistan and bring chaos, proving it to be failed state. As Al Qaeda has already threatened Pakistan and it’s politicians to be the prime target on their list.

As a matter of consequences claiming that the war heads will going to be in the hands of Taliban, Pakistan should voluntarily hand over it’s war heads to America or it will forcefully do the job or may be it’ll try to buy some of our politician to that job, so that’s the reason up next coming elections will be very important not only for us but for America as well.

Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajey oun..

Google is going to own internet!

Google is going to own internet!

When Google buys something — like YouTube — it usually makes front-page news. That’s why some Google watchers are intrigued by the company’s extremely quiet purchase of miles and miles of dark fiber.

Dark fiber is high-speed fiber-optic networking cable that hasn’t been switched on yet. Insiders say Google owns more dark fiber than any other organization in the world [source: Cringely].

What could a company like Google do with all of that extra wire? The short answer: It could actually hijack the Internet.

This is the doomsday scenario proposed by technology writer and columnist Robert X. Cringely. As more and more people use the Internet to download movies, TV shows, music and other media, Internet service providers (ISPs) will struggle to meet the increased bandwidth demands. Google, meanwhile, will use all of that dark fiber to build its own faster, more efficient version of the Internet. When ISPs reach their capacity, they will have no option but to route all of their traffic through Google.

“We won’t know if we’re accessing the Internet or Google and for all practical purposes it won’t matter,” Cringely wrote in 2007. “Google will become our phone company, our cable company, our stereo system and our digital video recorder” [source: Cringely].

Google representatives have a slightly less dramatic explanation for the dark fiber purchases. They simply want to use it to interconnect data centers located around the globe.

Google also partners with telecommunications companies like AT&T to borrow bandwidth on their nationwide networks. To make these arrangements work, Google has to route a lot of its traffic to specific remote “peering” locations [source: Sullivan]. That requires a lot of extra networking fiber as well.

“You see an article in the New York Times about how AT&T has bought more fiber, and their stock goes up,” Google’s Chris Sacca said in 2006. “Then there is the same article over here about how Google bought some fiber, and it’s like ‘Google is trying to take over the world.'” That doesn’t seem to be the case — at present.

This is how the democarcy works!

This is how the democracy works – A long time ago in the time of soviet union war, right when they were flushing out of the Afghanistan, great deal of bombings were deliberately started in Pakistan to destabilize it. The bombings were so immense that it was supposed to be the heaviest price ever paid by the Pakistanis for supporting Afghanistan. But the effort did really paid off and the outcomes were far more astonishing as the price paid.
And the history repeats it self, again when the Americans trying to flush out and finding the “Safe Exit” (safe excuse) from Afghanistan they are trying to shift any blame arises on them to Pakistan their closest ally in War On Terror by destabilizing it by doing bombings (and all that same tricks that were applied soviet union). They tried and succeeded to load Pakistan with their notorious Orange army, black water and others as well. AS their job is the same.
One can easily see that only after the arrival of PPP government the havoc of Target Killing in Karachi arose by dozens and now countless. Even one target killer is being caught by the public. Thanks to our government as they allowed them to easily roam around the country and shoot any person they like and not even being caught and that is LEGAL for them. Thanks to Mr.Malik our interior minister for issuing them NOC (I have attached few documents proving it!).
And even after the caught of Raymond Davis (Assassin caught in Lahore killing 2 innocent people) USA is pressurizing Pakistan to free him as holding him to custody is against the law.

By the way since Americans start caring for Law?
Massacre in Afghanistan is Legal for them?
Guantanamo Bay is legal for them?
Killings and bombings is legal for them?
Target killing in Pakistan is Legal for them?
Encircling Russia is legal for them?

What else is legal for them please refer a book named “American Personalized Laws” and yeah more interesting thing about this book of law that the law is subject to change with the consent and wish of America ONLY and every nation is bound to follow it, other wise it will be declared as a “Failed state”.

Because this is how the democracy works!