This is how the democarcy works!

This is how the democracy works – A long time ago in the time of soviet union war, right when they were flushing out of the Afghanistan, great deal of bombings were deliberately started in Pakistan to destabilize it. The bombings were so immense that it was supposed to be the heaviest price ever paid by the Pakistanis for supporting Afghanistan. But the effort did really paid off and the outcomes were far more astonishing as the price paid.
And the history repeats it self, again when the Americans trying to flush out and finding the “Safe Exit” (safe excuse) from Afghanistan they are trying to shift any blame arises on them to Pakistan their closest ally in War On Terror by destabilizing it by doing bombings (and all that same tricks that were applied soviet union). They tried and succeeded to load Pakistan with their notorious Orange army, black water and others as well. AS their job is the same.
One can easily see that only after the arrival of PPP government the havoc of Target Killing in Karachi arose by dozens and now countless. Even one target killer is being caught by the public. Thanks to our government as they allowed them to easily roam around the country and shoot any person they like and not even being caught and that is LEGAL for them. Thanks to Mr.Malik our interior minister for issuing them NOC (I have attached few documents proving it!).
And even after the caught of Raymond Davis (Assassin caught in Lahore killing 2 innocent people) USA is pressurizing Pakistan to free him as holding him to custody is against the law.

By the way since Americans start caring for Law?
Massacre in Afghanistan is Legal for them?
Guantanamo Bay is legal for them?
Killings and bombings is legal for them?
Target killing in Pakistan is Legal for them?
Encircling Russia is legal for them?

What else is legal for them please refer a book named “American Personalized Laws” and yeah more interesting thing about this book of law that the law is subject to change with the consent and wish of America ONLY and every nation is bound to follow it, other wise it will be declared as a “Failed state”.

Because this is how the democracy works!


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